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What is Crypto?

A digital asset with a value attached. The value is determined by demand, just as paper money or coins have a value. Its deflationary so the value increases over time as the supply decreases. Powered by a blockchain which is decentralized from human manipulation and duplication.


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You are not alone, there are 1000’s of people who started from knowing nothing and grew into a helping hand community of enthusiasts who prefer privacy and freedom when it comes to their own property.


You control your own assets, freedom to be your own bank with no middle man.

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Bank your

Digital Wallets developed for use on your PC or Phone. Secure in your hands.

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Paying, Buying or

Moving assets to and from your wallet is easy. Just as digital as internet banking.

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Peer to peer

“peers” are digital wallets which are connected to each other via the blockchain. Assets can be sent directly between wallets on the network without the need of a central bank.

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Fees are automatically deducted by the network, this is paid to the miners or staker’s who keep the blockchain active to find new blocks which then produce new coins for the network.

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Support is limited when it comes to enquiries as nobody controls the blockchain transactions other than the blockchain itself. Transactions are trackable but not always recoverable.

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Investing in crypto is your safety net

Get to learn the markets from ground up and grow your investment without the need of investing more and more.


Countries Supported

A worldwide supported network for worldwide functionality. Pay, send and receive your assets across the world within a few minutes. Simple, fast, secure.


Invested in Crypto

Four trillion nine hundred forty-seven billion seventy-four million two hundred fifty-six thousand one hundred seventy rand.
Increasing daily.




The blockchain offers many solutions including fast, secure, decentralized transactions.
Non inflationary and private.

Crypto Wallet & Cold storage

Your assets are held in a digital wallet, these wallets can be installed on your own computer, mobile phone or kept in an online wallet or trading platform. Cold storage is an offline option used to better safe guard assets.

  • Each wallet has a private key which enables recovery of your assets if your device wallet is lost.

  • Every wallet transaction requires an address, this address is tracked on the blockchain.

Investment in assets

Currently there are 5482 different cryptocurrencies available to invest in.
The markets are volatile and this does scare most investors away. The safer coins for investment would be the ones with a higher market cap.

Crypto Wealth Manager

Be your own manager, you are in full control of your investment. No fees or commissions payable to financial advisors.
The way it’s meant to be, this means more money in your pocket.

How it works?

Getting into crypto is as easy as internet banking. Follow the steps on the right and be on your way in no time. Once all the setup procedures have been put in place it’s smooth sailing

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Our aim to is help everyone in adopting crypto into their financial portfolios and understanding how digital money works. We are not financial advisors but like to assist others with what we have learnt along the way and from our community.

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