What we offer

A gateway to financial freedom through cryptocurrency trading.
Various streams of income related to crypto.
Passive income and more.

Software Assistant

Software is an important part of the cryptosphere, which handles the wallet and mining functions. These are mainly downloaded from the developers website.

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Mining Assistant

Depending on the scale you want to deploy, mining can be easily maintained, onsite or remotely. We can assist with the equipment and setup thereof.

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Masternode Assistant

Setup through your local wallet, and VPS server. We can assist and update this as required remotely as a service. See our price guide for our rates charged per node.

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Trading Assistant

Learning to trade crypto is a challenge to many. When to get into the market and when to get out, there are many tutorials we can share and help you in the right direction to be successful

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Passive Income Assistant

Having access to extra income streams through crypto is a real plus. There are numerous types that you can be brought to your attention. Limitless earning opportunities.

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Training Courses

Training media available from our downloads page This covers many aspects of crypto. These are free to view when you register. Further assistance can be arranged at a a nominal fee.

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Crypto Wallets &
Cold storage devices

Secure online wallets hosted for our subscribers, managed by our subscribers.

  • No need to download big blockchains that take days or weeks to sync, we have done that for you.

  • Storage devices to keep your assets offline in your personal space.

Trading your crypto.

We have training available to show you how to read the markets and do your own technical analysis. On-going tips and support from the community to help you on your way to financial freedom.

  • We give you guidance and show you the tools you need to start your journey.

  • There are no guarantees and your entire portfolio could be at risk. Only invest what you are prepared to loose.  

Supporting The Network

There are many coins in the space that are powered by Masternodes. Anyone can own a Masternode and earn coins on a daily basis as a reward for running and maintaining a node. We can do your setup and maintenance, while the blockchain fills your wallet with rewards for you to spend, HODL or trade at leisure.

  • Each Masternode requires a minimum coin investment to qualify.

  • Your Masternodes will be run on a VPS, this will be a cost factor to take into account of between $5 to $10
    a month. 

Mining is for everyone

Crypto mining is another easy way to earn passive assets, set and forget. We hook you up and you rake in the crypto. You set the budget and we will work around your affordability.

  • Make use of your home pc or laptop, preferably with high end CPU’s. Some easy money to be made here,

  • Got a serious graphics card? Put it to good use and mine those bigger POW crypto’s. Or if you thinking of mining with the big guns, we can hook you up with some ASIC units too. 


This is another form of earning crypto. Invest in a staking coin of your choice, we assist in setup to maximize your rewards. Sit back and watch your balance grow without doing anything.

  • Normally a recommended minimum amount of coins required to qualify for these rewards.

  • Only requirement is to keep your wallet online 24/7.
    Rewards paid directly into your wallet.

A smart and secure way to invest in crypto

Always maintain to be in control of your own funds, in any crypto investment. This would be the most secure way of securing your portfolio.

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